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Transit Action Group

The RTA Mobility Coordinator focuses on identifying the needs of riders in the three county region by assisting individuals and human service organizations with transportation barriers, developing educational programs and community forums, and researching funding alternatives.

The Mobility Coordinator facilitates a community group called the Transit Action Group which is comprised of human service providers, transit providers and transportation professionals and meets quarterly to address transportation issues, barriers, and solutions.

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TAG Delaware County Agenda 8-10-21 TAG Delaware County Minutes 8-10-21
TAG Jackson County Agenda 8-5-21 TAG Jackson County Minutes 8-5-21
TAG Dubuque County Agenda 8-3-21 TAG Dubuque County Minutes 8-3-21
TAG Delaware County Agenda 5-11-21 TAG Jackson County Minutes 5-11-21
TAG Jackson County Agenda 5-6-21 TAG Jackson County Minutes 5-6-21
TAG Dubuque County Agenda 5-4-21 TAG Dubuque County Minutes 5-4-21
TAG Delaware County Agenda 2-9-21 TAG Delaware County Minutes 2-9-21
TAG Jackson County Agenda 2-4-21 TAG Jackson County Minutes 2-4-21
TAG Dubuque County Agenda 2-2-21 TAG Dubuque County Minutes 2-2-21
Combined All County Annual TAG Meeting Agenda 12-2-20 Combined All County Annual TAG Meetings Minutes 12-2-20
  Combined TAG Minutes 9-23-20
TAG Delaware County Agenda 8-11-20 TAG Delaware County Minutes 8-11-20
TAG Jackson County Agenda 8-06-20 TAG Jackson County Minutes 8-06-20
TAG Dubuque County Agenda 8-04-20 TAG Dubuque County Minutes 8-04-20
TAG Delaware County Agenda 5-12-20 TAG Delaware County Minutes 5-12-20
TAG Jackson County Agenda 5-7-20 TAG Jackson County Minutes 5-7-20
TAG Dubuque County Agenda 5-5-20 TAG Dubuque County Minutes 5-5-20
TAG Agenda 2-05-20 TAG Minutes 2-05-20
TAG Agenda 9-25-19 TAG Minutes 9-25-19
TAG Agenda 7-24-19 TAG Minutes 7-24-19
TAG Agenda 5-22-19 TAG Minutes 5-22-19
TAG Agenda 2-28-19 TAG Minutes 2-28-19
TAG Agenda 1-10-19 TAG Minutes 1-10-19
TAG Agenda 11-28-18 TAG Minutes 11-28-18
TAG Agenda 9-26-18 TAG Minutes 9-26-18
TAG Agenda 4-17-18 TAG Minutes 4-17-18
TAG Agenda 2-20-18 TAG Minutes 2-20-18
TAG Agenda 1-16-18 TAG Minutes 1-16-18
TAG Agenda 11-21-17 TAG Minutes 11-21-17
TAG Agenda 10-24-17 TAG Minutes 10-24-17
TAG Agenda 9-12-17 TAG Minutes 9-12-17

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