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    Iowa League of Cities All Star Community Award Nomination

    Reviving Earlville's Maple Street

    The Region 8 Regional Transit Authority (RTA) of Dubuque, Delaware, and Jackson Counties cut a ribbon on a new $420,000 Bus Storage Facility in Earlville, Iowa located in Delaware County on Monday, September 30, 2019. The RTA worked closely with the City of Earlville to acquire and deconstruct an old car dealership that sat vacant for years. The property was a nuisance and brownfields property in the Earlville community.

    The facility is a 5000 square foot preengineered steel frame building with a wash bay, restrooms and break room housing 6 to 8 buses and up to 3 mini-vans. This project could not have happened without the RTA partners and resources from various agencies. Those partners included the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), City of Earlville, Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dubuque/Delaware County Engineer, and ECIA.

    A $320,000 grant from the Iowa DOT Public Transit Infrastructure Grant program funded 80% of the construction costs. The City of Earlville and the RTA partnered on land costs and deconstructing the structure on the site with grants from both the EPA and the IDNR. The Delaware/Dubuque County engineer designed the facility at no cost to the RTA. ECIA staff oversaw the procurement, construction oversight and inspections. This project improves the overall safety and security for the RTA fleet while improving the neighborhood and property values in Earlville

    Reviving Earlville's Maple Street

    Earlville Bus Storage Facility Construction Timelapse




    Earlville Before 1

    Earlville Before 2

    Earlville Before 3


    Earlville After 1

    Earlville After 2

    Earlville After 2